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Brands That Trust Us...

How we can help:

  • Access our remote, pre-vetted & highly experienced high-ticket sales professionals on a contract, employed or a fully outsourced basis. We can help you decide what is best for your business on our initial call with you.

  • Significantly increase your ability to secure new clients, as we can scale your team rapidly, using our proven sales recruitment processes.

  • Buy back your time & focus on working on your business; instead of in it, by handing over your sales process to our in-house team or one of our elite, pre-vetted sales professionals.

  • We pride ourselves on big agency results; with boutique agency care

Who we work with:

  • Service providers offering services ranging from $2k - $100k (consultancies, education providers, agencies, expert services and SaaS companies)

  • You must have a proven service which is already getting great results for your clients

  • ​You should have systems in place, generating a consistent flow of leads every week

  • ​You should have capacity to onboard significantly more clients on a monthly basis

Next Steps

Schedule a call with us now and learn how we can help you to hire a perfect-fit sales professional or manage your sales operations for you. You focus on running your business; we’ll take care of sales.

What They Say About Us...

"I haven't found anyone better than these guys at understanding the audience, the offer and producing high conversion rates on the phone..."

Dan Ashburn, Titan Network

"Within a few weeks, they found me a perfect closer and I quadrupled my revenue almost immediately..."

Pete Heard, Logic Room

"Within Just a Few Months, We Did Over $1,000,000 in Revenue...."

Dr. Charles Livingston,

"They are heartfelt, genuine and honest.. and they'll also give some tough coaching"

Lisa Hugo,

Voice & Communication Coach

"The sales pros were so good...

I was surprised they wanted to work with me!"

Stephen Gates

"They saved the day for us... one of their closers was making sales within 24-48 hours"

Richie Nolan,

Michael Cheney Marketing

About LJ Sarkodee;

Founder of SalesClosers

  • Christian Business Leader

  • Over 20 years high-ticket sales closing experience, selling services from $2.5k - $100k

  • Hired and led virtual sales teams around the globe, to sell multi-six and 7-figures

  • Responsible for over $30million in sales

  • Conversion rates of 25% - 88% for clients (depending on offer & marketing)

  • ​Creator of Freedom Sales School

  • ​Experienced Sales Recruiter

  • ​Certified NLP Coach

  • ​Certified Sales Funnel Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your service?

🚀 Recruitment

Whether you want to hire a sales contractor or employ a sales professional directly to help you expand your business, we’ve got you covered.  We offer full recruitment campaign management, to save you time and resources, all backed by a 60-day iron-clad guarantee.

🚀 Contracting

If you have a short-term hiring need, are not quite ready for the financial and legal responsibility of employing in-house or have a need to deploy an effective sales team quickly, then our contracting service is perfect for you.  Not only will we match you with the best-fit, sales professional, but we will also handle the administrative responsibilities associated with that individual or team.

🚀 Full Outsourcing

Our full outsourcing service is for those businesses that are already turning over more than $500,000 and are ready to scale fast, by handing over their entire sales operation to our experienced agency team.  We will conduct a full sales process audit, match you with the best-fit sales pros, use our customised software to track and manage your sales pipeline, increase sales conversions and we will also train, coach and manage your chosen sales pro of team.

How much do you charge?

This will depend on which service we agree to move forward with. Our recruitment fees start at $5000 and we will support you to negotiate commission or a combination of base and commission with your chosen sales pro(s); whereas our contracting service is offered on an hourly rate starting from $40 depending on the seniority of the sales professional required.

Our full sales outsourcing service is a premium offering, reserved for those businesses which have everything in place and are now ready to scale fast. This service carries a significant up front investment to onboard, however, after that is usually offered on a commission-only basis, ranging from 20% - 25% depending on the complexity of the sale.

Do I Have to Provide Leads?

If you are looking for a Closer on a commission-only basis, then yes, there is an expectation that you must already have solid marketing in place, which generates a consistent flow of leads every week.

However, if you want to hire for a Sales Development Representative or Business Development professional for example, then you do not need to provide leads, as that will form part of their role. We are also happy to connect you with one of our lead generation partners if it makes sense to do so.

How do I know if my business is ready to outsource sales?

Hiring a sales professional is not a silver bullet to solve all of your sales problems. If you have not already proven your offer and / or sold your product or service yourself, then it is unfair to use a sales professional to test the market for you.

However, if you have a proven business model, have a process and systems in place to support a sales professional and have the capacity to onboard significantly more clients each month, then now could be the perfect time to outsource your sales.

How long does it take to hire my new sales pro?

🚀 Recruitment and Contracting

We can turn around a direct recruitment or contracting campaign in as little as 10 working days, as we have already done the hard work up from to screen, test and qualify our global sales network. Many of the sales professionals in our network can start immediately or with a 1-2 weeks notice period.

🚀 Full Outsourcing

We prefer to allow 2-4 weeks for onboarding, in order to match you with the best fit closer(s), learn your business thoroughly and fine tune the sales process for you, before we go live!

How quickly can I expect to see results?

For clients who have a proven inbound marketing system in place, we often see sales closed on day one of sales professionals going live. However, please expect a learning phase during the first three months of working together and a consistent improvement on sales conversion rates during that time. Some of our long term fully outsourced clients have experienced conversion rates of up to 88% because we keep refining the process for them! 

How do you assess sales professionals?

To be admitted to our global sales network, all sales professionals must undergo a rigorous 5 step vetting process to make sure they live up to our high standards, as well as abide by our values-driven principles in selling and business relationships. This process removes any guesswork on the part of the business leader.

What training is provided?

Our sales team are all very experienced; generally with more than 5 years experience and often with 10-20 years experience, so they already know how to sell, however, we have developed a suite of sales trainings, to teach them about the nuances of the ethical nature of how we sell here at SalesClosers and also to refresh them on core value selling principles.

How do you ensure that my brand is represented effectively?

When we match you with a shortlist of sales pros, we assess fit based not only on experience, but just as importantly on values and characteristics.

If you fully outsource your sales process to us, we provide ongoing quality assurance, by listening to call recordings, providing coaching where needed and also closely monitor key performance indicators.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No! You will sign an initial rolling agreement, however, we include a clause allowing you to cancel with 2 weeks notice, should you decide that we are not a good fit for your business.

What is the difference between using SalesClosers and hiring a freelancer directly?

With over 18 years of experience working in recruitment and outsourcing, we have refined our processes to not only find and secure the best fit sales professionals for your business, but we also provide support and resources to make sure that you get the very best from them when they are in place.

Not only that, but we offer an iron-clad guarantee on all of our services, de-risking the hiring process for you.

I’ve been burned before. How can I be sure that it won’t happen again?

We believe that when hiring sales professionals has been unsuccessful in the past, it is often down to the lack of preparation ahead of hiring and / or making poor hiring decisions (often based on emotion).

We take a lot of the guesswork out of this process, as we have already found A players for you and know what information and systems we need up front, to ensure that it is a smooth process for everyone.  

Having successfully sold millions of services over the years, we are confident that if you already have a proven service that your sales pro(s) can get passionate about, and you have a consistent flow of leads, then SalesClosers will make a great sales partner for you.

Our Core Company Values Are:

CARE About People


COURAGEOUS Conversation

Sales Professional? We are always looking to add experienced sales pros to our rapidly growing network!

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