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Helping High-Ticket Service Providers to Scale Faster, By Outsourcing Sales Conversations to Pre-Vetted & Experienced Sales Closers

Remote High-ticket Sales Closers

Access Our Network of Proven Commission-Only Closers &

Accelerate Your Sales Revenue To 7 or 8 Figures

Brands That Trust Us...

How we can help:

  • Outsource sales the right way by accessing pre-vetted, highly experienced & consultative high-ticket sales closers

  • Replace yourself on sales calls and free up at least 40 hours every month

  • Significantly increase your capacity to enrol new high-end clients

  • Only pay sales commission when your new sales closer(s) enrols new clients for you

  • Buy back your time & focus on working on your business; instead of in it

Who we work with:

  • High-ticket service providers offering services from $3k - $120k (consultancies, education providers, agencies, expert services and SaaS companies)

  • You must have a proven service which is already getting great results for your clients

  • ​You should have systems in place, generating a consistent flow of leads every week

  • ​You should have capacity to enrol significantly more clients on a monthly basis

  • ​Your sales cycle should not exceed one month (and is often much shorter)

Next Steps

Schedule a call with us now and learn how we can help you replace yourself on sales calls and close more high-ticket deals. You focus on managing your business; we’ll run your sales.

What They Say About Us...

"I haven't found anyone better than these guys at understanding the audience, the offer and producing high conversion rates on the phone..."

Dan Ashburn, Titan Network

"Within a few weeks, they found me a perfect closer and I quadrupled my revenue almost immediately..."

Pete Heard, Logic Room

"Within Just a Few Months, We Did Over $1,000,000 in Revenue...."

Dr. Charles Livingston,

"They saved the day for us.... and one closer was closing within 48 hours "

Richie Nolan,

Michael Cheney Marketing

About LJ Sarkodee;

Founder of Sales Closers

  • Christian Business Leader

  • Over 20 years high-ticket sales closing experience, selling services from $2.5k - $120k

  • Hired and led virtual sales teams around the globe, to sell multi-six and 7-figures

  • Responsible for over $30million in sales

  • Conversion rates of 25% - 88% for clients (depending on offer & marketing)

  • ​Creator of Freedom Sales School; a mentorship for sales closers

  • ​Experienced Sales Recruiter

  • ​Certified NLP Coach

  • ​Certified Sales Funnel Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

We charge an initial audit fee to cover the time needed up front to audit and consult with you on your current sales process, as well as set up and integrate the software and systems required.

Aside from that, we get paid purely on results* and our sales commission starts at 20% for closing services.

*Depending on your sales process, there may also be a variable monthly charge for phone calls and texts made to your prospects and clients.

What is included in your service?

We start by auditing your current sales funnels and process, so that we can consult with you on where this could be improved, to maximise revenue potential ahead of selling for you.

We will then learn all about your business and brand, before we match you with the perfect closer(s).

Whilst they are preparing to take their first calls for you, our team will create all the sales scripts and templates needed and integrate our systems, to allow for a smooth sales process. We will provide all of the software needed, so you don’t incur extra costs.

After they start selling for you, we will also manage your closer(s), undertake ongoing quality assurance and provide you with regular feedback, insights and monthly reporting.

Why would sales professionals work on a commission-only basis?

We live in a world where flexibility in work and the freedom to choose where and when to work are high up the priority list for many people. Sales professionals who are confident in their ability to sell great products and services, are often willing to forego the security of an employed position, in exchange for that flexibility and a higher earning potential overall.

Do I Have to Provide Leads?

Yes, you must already have solid marketing in place, which generates a consistent flow of leads every week. We do provide appointment setting services, however, they will only nurture leads and opt-ins generated by your own marketing, through to confirmed appointments.

What do I need to do before outsourcing sales?

There is often a lot of information that you hold in your head as a business owner that is critical to ensuring success in the outsourcing process. We will go through this with you during our initial call but as a minimum, you should have your core services documented, together with features and benefits of each service.

You will also need to have a document detailing your ideal client, including their key challenges, desires and any objections which they typically have. It’s also really useful to have your current sales process documented, including what needs to happen before, during and after the sale, although we will work through all of this with you.

How long does the onboarding process take?

We have been able to get up and running within a matter of days for clients who had urgent needs, but we prefer to allow 2-4 weeks for onboarding, in order to match you with the best fit closer(s), learn your business thoroughly and fine tune the sales process for you, before we go live!

How quickly can I expect to see results?

We often see sales closed on day one of going live with new clients! However, please expect a learning phase during the first three months of working together and a consistent improvement on sales conversion rates during that time. Some of our long term clients have experienced conversion rates of up to 88% because we keep refining the process for them! 

How do you assess sales professionals?

Our founder, Laura-Jane Sarkodee, not only has a long history of selling high-ticket services, but also worked as a sales recruiter during her career. She has combined this experience to be able to identify the A players in this space, through initial assessment, interview, mock sales conversations and profiling.

What training is provided?

Our sales team are all very experienced; generally with more than 5 years experience and often with 10-20 years experience, so they already know how to sell, however, we have developed a suite of sales trainings, to teach them about the nuances of how we sell here at Sales Closers and also to refresh them on core selling principles.

How do you ensure that my brand is represented effectively?

When we match you with the best fit closer(s), we assess fit based not only on experience, but on values and characteristics. Not only that, but we provide ongoing quality assurance, by listening to call recordings, providing coaching where needed and closely monitoring key performance indicators.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No! You will sign an initial rolling agreement, however, we include a clause allowing you to cancel with 2 weeks notice, should you decide that we are not a good fit for your business.

What is the difference between using Sales Closers and hiring a freelancer directly?

With over 8 years of experience working in the sales outsourcing industry, we have refined our processes to not only find the best fit sales professionals for your business, but also make sure that we are able to get the best from them.

We know that the role of salesperson can be an emotional rollercoaster and we pride ourselves in looking after the mental health of our team during that process, as well as helping them to overcome hurdles, develop their skills and keep them motivated.

Not only that, but we monitor results, track key data and continually improve sales conversion rates which benefit both our sales team and clients alike.

I’ve been burned before. How can I be sure that it won’t happen again?

We believe that when outsourcing sales has been unsuccessful in the past, it is often down to the lack of preparation ahead of hiring a sales professional and / or making poor hiring decisions (often based on emotion).

We take a lot of the guesswork out of this process, as we have already found A players for you and know what information and systems we need up front, to ensure that it is a smooth process for everyone.  

Having successfully sold millions of services over the years, we are confident that if you already have a proven service that we can get passionate about, and you have a consistent flow of leads, then Sales Closers will make a great sales partner for you.

That said, whilst we can’t guarantee results, you can rest in the knowledge that we will only charge you commission when we close a sale for your business. Therefore, we will do our utmost to close sales for you, otherwise we don’t get paid …and that’s not great business, right?! ;)

Our Core Company Values Are:

CARE About People


COURAGEOUS Conversation

Sales Professional? We are always looking to add the best Sales Closers to our rapidly growing network!

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